About the Authors

Dynamic PE ASAP for Elementary Students

Dr. Robert Pangrazi

Dr. Robert Pangrazi is a Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University and an Educational Consultant for Gopher Sport. Dr. Pangrazi has been in the education field over 50 years. He began his career as a 5th grade teacher and was an ASU professor of physical education for 32 years. Pangrazi has published over 60 textbooks and 100 research and professional articles. He has been an invited speaker at nearly 500 national and international conferences.

Dr. Aaron Beighle

Dr. Aaron Beighle is an internationally recognized expert on physical education and school-based physical activity promotion at the University of Kentucky. Beighle regularly collaborates with schools interested in physical education and youth physical activity promotion. Beighle has written more than 100 research-based and practical articles as well as six books, most notably Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children. Aaron recently contributed to make the widely used lessons plans for this book available via dynamicpeasap.com.

Deb Pangrazi

Deb Pangrazi has served for over 40 years as an elementary physical education teacher and administrator. The Nationally recognized MPS Elementary Physical Education Program is among the Nation’s largest providing instruction for over 30,000 students. Recognition for her service includes: AZAHPE Elementary TOY, NASPE Southwest District TOY, President’s Council Community Leadership Award, Governor’s Council Award for Outstanding Leadership, AZHPE Administrator of the Year, AHA Partner in Action Award, and The First Tee Student Impact Award.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following Mesa Public School Physical Education teachers who generously contributed their knowledge and teaching excellence to the development of the DPE-ASAP videos. They excel as teachers and are willing to share their expertise with other professionals.

Brian Budd, Rebecca Neal, Rhonda Sigsworth, George Fairfield, Rich Peace, Henry Yniguez, Cisco Duarte, DeJuan Sanders, and Shelby Rasmussen.

Dynamic PE ASAP for Secondary Students

Carole Casten

Dr. Carole Casten is a Kinesiology Professor in the Division of Kinesiology at California State University Dominguez Hills, Teaching Program Coordinator, Advisor, and Community Consultant. She served as the Athletic Director supervising, hiring, and lecturing on best practices for coaching and teaching for 27 years at the California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS.)  She advises and consults with the undergraduate and graduate students at CSUDH who at studying to become physical education teachers and coaches.

Timothy A. Brusseau

Timothy A. Brusseau, Ph.D. is a Professor and the Chair of the Department of Health & Kinesiology at the University of Utah. His doctoral training was completed at Arizona State University with a specialization in physical education pedagogy. He is an internationally recognized leader in school physical education and school activity programs. He is a co-author of Dynamic Physical Education for Secondary School Students. 

Heather Irwin

Heather Erwin earned her Ph.D. in 2006 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Pedagogical Kinesiology and is currently a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at the University of Kentucky. She has taught public school physical education and works with teachers and administrators to promote youth physical activity. She has authored over 75 articles and is co-author of Dynamic Physical Education for Secondary School Children 8th and 9th editions.

A special thank you to Gopher for their support of Dynamic PE ASAP