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Dynamic PE ASAP Equipment Packs

Customize PE lessons in seconds with corresponding Gopher equipment!

Dr. Robert Pangrazi hand selected the equipment in each pack, ensuring it aligns with Dynamic PE ASAP lesson plans. Available in several sizes, each pack is full of durable Gopher equipment that accommodates up to 36 students. Choose Lower Elementary or Upper Elementary/ Middle School.

Select a grade level below to view pack details.

  • Lower Elementary
  • Upper Elementary/Middle School

Choose from four pack options or create your own!


Equipment to use some of the Dynamic PE ASAP lesson plans including sport balls, parachutes, jump ropes, beanbags, fleece balls, storage and more.



The Deluxe pack includes all of the equipment from the Basic pack, plus floor hockey and racquet sport equipment. This pack also includes hoops and cage balls.



Premium pack includes all of the equipment from the Basic and Deluxe packs, plus scoops, pinnies, and equipment for baseball, frisbee, and Tinikling.



The Ultimate pack includes enough equipment for an elementary PE program to flourish! Use the entire Dynamic PE ASAP curriculum with this pack.


Lower Elementary Pack Contents

This pack is recommended for grades K-2, and 3-4.​





Rainbow ClassicCoat-Foam Bounce Balls - 8.25" dia, Set of 36

Rainbow Polyester/Cotton Beanbags - 5" sq, Set of 36

QuickTurn Segmented Jump Ropes - 7'L, Orange, Set of 30

QuickTurn Segmented Jump Ropes - 8'L, Yellow, Set of 30

QuickTurn Segmented Jump Ropes - 9'L, Green, Set of 18

QuickTurn Segmented Jump Ropes - 10'L, Set of 12

QuickTurn Segmented Jump Ropes - 16'L, Purple, Set of 12

Screamin' Orange Plastic Cones - 12"H, Set of 36

Rainbow Vinyl Spots - 9" dia, Set of 36

Rainbow Medium-Density Fleece Balls - 3" dia, Set of 36

ExerFit Mat - 48"L x 24"W x 3/8"Th, Blue, Set of 36

Rainbow® Juggling Scarves, Set of 108

Standard Beach Ball Assorted Pack, 24 pack

Gopher Rainbow Performer - Rubber Soccer Ball, Size 3, Set of 36

Gopher Rainbow Performer - Rubber Basketball, Size 5, Set of 36

Grip Zone V - Introductory Football, Youth





Gopher Rainbow Supra Training Volleyballs - Synthetic, Oversize





ElevAir Deluxe Parachute - w/o Handles, 30' dia, Qty 2

Titan Max Ball Cart - All Terrain

Rainbow VersaBag Mesh Bags - Large (36"L x 24"W)





Tubanito Drum

Rainbow DuraHoopPlus Hoops - 30" dia, Set of 36

Rainbow Junior­-Size Midsize Aluminum Tennis Racquet - 21"L, Set of 36

Itty ClassicCoat-Foam Balls - High Bounce, 3.5" dia, Yellow, Set of 48

Gopher PowerPlay ABS-Shaft Floor Hockey Sets-Black, Set of 18

Gopher PowerPlay ABS-Shaft Floor Hockey Sets-Gray, Set of 18

Gopher Cage Ball - Ball with Bladder, 36" dia, Qty 2

Gopher Rainbow ResisDent Ball - Softball, 4" dia, Set of 36

Gopher Rainbow Phenom Plastic Bats - 30"L, Set of 12

Gopher Tinikling Set, Qty of 6

FitPro Classic Pinnies - Medium, Blue, Set of 18

FitPro Classic Pinnies - Medium, Red, Set of 18

Rainbow AirRanger Plastic Disc - 9" dia, Set of 36

Rainbow SkyBlazer Foam Discs - 9" dia, Set of 36

Rainbow Gopher Pacer 200 Stopwatches - Set of 6

Rainbow Aluminum Relay Batons - Set of 6