Pilates Lesson Plan 4 - Thursday


  • 1 mat / towel per student
  • Cones for stations and perimeter markers
  • Music for Walk, Jog, Sprint and Pilates
  • 1 jump rope per student


The student will:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to perform a variety of locomotor movements as directed by the instructor.
  2. Demonstrate balance in a variety of positions during the Move and Assume Pose activity as instructed by the instructor.
  3. Participate in Walk, Jog, Sprint to improve cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility fitness as directed by the instructor.
  4. Demonstrate the proper Arm Strengthening exercises as shown by the diagrams at each station.
  5. Participate in Blob tag demonstrating agility, quick changes in direction, cooperation and sportsmanship while following rules established by the instructor.


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