Bowling - 1 Week Unit

1-Week Unit

Introductory Activity


Lesson Focus

Closing Activity


Rubber Band

The 12 Ways of Fitness

Grip, Stance, Approach, 1-Step Delivery of Ball

Basket Bowling


Wave Drill

Continuity Exercises

Aim 4 - Step Approach and Delivery of ball

Over and Under Ball Relay


Square Drill

Circuit Training Fitness with a Jog

Etiquette Three Pin Bowling

True or False Partner Tag


All Fours Circle

Continuity Exercises

How to Score Three Pin Bowling

Red Pin


Trip to Bowling Center for Bowling

Unit Objectives:

The student will:

  1. Participate in the Rubber Band Introductory Activity demonstrating agility, locomotor movements and the ability to follow instructions given by the instructor.
  2. Demonstrate agility and follow the movements and instructions of the leader during the Introductory Activities: Wave Drill and Square Drill.
  3. Demonstrate fitness activities including sit-ups, push-ups, crab-kicks, etc. during the 12 Ways of Fitness.
  4. Participate in Continuity Exercises demonstrating basic jump roping skills, strength, agility, rhythm and flexibility while following the directions given by the instructor.
  5. Follow the directions while participating in Circuit Training Fitness activities as directed by the instructor.
  6. Demonstrate the grip, stance, approach and delivery of the bowling ball as demonstrated by the instructor.
  7. Demonstrate the 4-Step Approach and Delivery of the bowling ball using the form modeled by the instructor.
  8. Practice directed bowling skills directed by the instructor on the indoor carpet using form demonstrated by the instructor.
  9. Illustrate proper etiquette and scoring skills by completing a scoring worksheet and participating in etiquette discussions.
  10. Demonstrate proper etiquette while on the field trip to the Bowling Center.
  11. Participate in the Bowling Pin Relay demonstrating agility, and teamwork while following the rules of the game.
  12. Participate in the Over and Under Ball Relay using form demonstrated and following the rules established by the instructor.
  13. Participate in the Fetch Relay demonstrating agility, and teamwork while following the rules of the game.
  14. Participate in the game of Addition Tag and True or False Partner Tag demonstrating teamwork and cooperation while following the rules of the game.
  15. Play a game of Red Pin Bowling using form and rules demonstrated by the instructor.
  16. Play a game of Bowling at the Bowling Center using appropriate game rules, etiquette, courtesy, and appropriate behavior for a field trip as established by the instructor.


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