Frisbee - 1 Week Unit

This unit has been specifically designed to meet all five components of the SHAPE America National Standards for Physical Education.

1-Week Unit

Introductory Activity


Lesson Focus

Closing Activity


Vanishing Bean Bags

Aerobic Workout

Frisbee Throwing and Catching

Frisbee One-Step


Run & Assume an Athletic Position

Hexagon Hustle

Short Distance Throwing Accuracy

Frisbee Walk, Talk, and Catch


Addition Tag

Walk, Trot, Sprint

Frisbee Throwing Skills

Frisbee Three Passes


Burpee Flip Drill

Fitness Scavenger Hunt

Challenges to Improve Throwing and Catching

Partner Frisbee 21


Frisbee Jog, Catch, & Chase

Four Corners

Frisbee Golf

Unit Objectives:

The student will:

  1. Participate in Vanishing Beanbags and Addition Tag in a cooperative manner.
  2. Participate in Four Corners activities to improve fitness.
  3. Participate in Fitness Scavenger Hunt to improve fitness.
  4. Participate in Aerobic Workout to improve overall fitness.
  5. Demonstrate the proper grip of a Frisbee.
  6. Cooperatively work with teammates during the Frisbee activities.
  7. Execute Frisbee throwing using form demonstrated by the instructor.
  8. Pass the Frisbee into a hoop with the right and left hand.
  9. Trap a Frisbee with both hands after it has been tossed from 10 feet.

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