Week #1: Lacrosse Lesson Plan 5 - Friday


  • Cones for many lines of obstacles for Lesson Focus
  • Signs and music for exercises in Racetrack Fitness
  • 1 Lacrosse Stick and ball per student
  • Cones for perimeter of area
  • 1-Task Sheet #5 per student
  • Goal markers
  • 1 clipboard and pencil per 2 students


The student will:

  1. Demonstrate cooperative skills and agility while participating in Blob Tag during the Introductory Activity.
  2. Participate in Partner Racetrack Fitness demonstrating cooperation, the ability to follow instructions, and effort to improve their strength, agility, power and cardiovascular fitness during this portion of class.
  3. Demonstrate cradling the ball, with the Lacrosse stick, using proper technique form while completing the self- check task sheet during the lesson focus.
  4. Demonstrate carrying and cradling the lacrosse stick and ball using form demonstrated by the instructor during Lesson Focus.
  5. Review scooping the ball using form demonstrated by the instructor during the Lesson Focus.
  6. Participate in the Mini-Lacrosse Game following the rules and demonstrating cooperation with others and skills learned in class.


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