Plyometrics - 1 Day Unit

This unit has been specifically designed to meet all five components of the SHAPE America National Standards for Physical Education.

One Day Unit Plan

Introductory Activity


Lesson Focus

Closing Activity

Day One

Loose Caboose

Plyometric Routine

Parachute Ball Flip

Plyometrics Lesson Plan


  • 1 jump rope per student
  • 1 small cone per person
  • 1 exercise ladder per 5 students
  • 1 medicine ball per 2 students
  • Large cones to define teaching perimeter
  • Music for rope jumping
  • Parachute
  • 10-12 foam rubber balls


The student will:

  1. Perform various cardiovascular, strength building and stretching activities as demonstrated in class.
  2. Demonstrate teamwork by communicating with classmates to move in same direction during the Loose Caboose and New Engineer activities.


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