Table Tennis - 1 Week Unit

This unit has been specifically designed to meet all components of the SHAPE America National Standards for Physical Education.

1-Week Unit

Introductory Activity


Lesson Focus

Closing Activity


Move and Change Directions

Rabbit in the Hat Fitness

Forehand and Backhand Shots

Triangle Plus One Tag



Partner Racetrack Fitness

Forehand & Backhand Serves--Rules of the Game

Spider Tag


Seat Roll and Jog

Rabbit in the Hat Fitness

Review all Skills -- Rally Describe Tournament



Musical Hoops

Partner Racetrack Fitness

Round Robin Tournament


Surfs Up

Rabbit in the Hat Fitness

Round Robin Tournament

Unit Objectives:

 The student will:

  1. Participate in Move and Change Directions demonstrating quickness and pivoting skills
  2. Show quickness and agility when participating in Hoarders and Musical Hoops.
  3. Demonstrate agility while participating in Seat Roll and Jog.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to follow instructions and creativity during Musical Hoops Introductory activity.
  5. Participate in Rabbit in the Hat Fitness and Partner Racetrack Fitness Routines.
  6. Execute the forehand and backhand shots using form demonstrated by the instructor.
  7. Play Table Tennis following the rules in the class Round Robin Tournament.

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