Physical Education (7-12)

28 Secondary Units + Over 250 Lesson Plans!

Create a positive, motivating learning environment through curriculum full of activities, games, teaching strategies, and instructional cues.

Everything you Need to Prepare for a
Successful Secondary PE Program

28 Secondary Units + Over 250 Lesson Plans!

Now you can teach those units that you had limited knowledge about. These lessons were prepared by professionals and placed in an easy-to-read format. The lessons are flexible and easily modified for your specific needs.

A Variety of Unit Lengths for Easy Adaptability

Offering units of different lengths gives you a chance to keep your curriculum exciting and fresh. Short units are often novel activities that motivate students and keep them looking into new personal activities.

Follows a 4-Part
Lesson Plan

Four-part lessons assure students warm-up with a large muscle activity, participate in a fitness session that is sequential and progressive, practice skills and drills in the lesson focus and complete the lesson by playing a game that applies skills learned.

Dynamic PE ASAP Secondary Units

Listed below are all the unit plans that cover a wide variety of content. Much emphasis is given to lifetime activities. Many sports are covered to help beginners learn basic skills. Different fitness routines are used to accompany the lesson focus topics listed here. All the lessons in the units close with an activity that allows students to compete and apply the skills learned in the lesson.

Assess Students with Task Sheet and Written Quizzes

An important part of the units is assessment task sheets and written quizzes. Strong emphasis is placed on students evaluating and supporting fellow students. Evaluating a peer will help all student improve their own skill performance. Task sheets tell students how to correctly perform skills and how to evaluate performance levels.

Written quizzes are included in many of the units so you can decide when to monitor how your students are performing. Skills and knowledge go hand in hand and students can help monitor their own performance with a task sheet and compare it with a peer evaluation. Standard written exams are also included.

A special thank you to Gopher for their support of Dynamic PE ASAP

Lesson Plans From the Highly Recognized Secondary PE Curriculum

Built around SHAPE National Standards for Physical Education, this comprehensive curriculum is designed to teach students through activities they enjoy and want to learn. The illustrated, hardcover teacher’s textbooks explain in-depth how to implement a quality secondary PE program.

Create a positive, motivating learning environment through curriculum full of activities, games, teaching strategies, and instructional cues. The updated 9th edition textbook includes suggestions and activities for beginning and experienced teachers. Doctors Timothy Brusseau and Heather Erwin made updates that continue to provide teachers with the foundational knowledge they need to teach quality secondary physical education. Textbook is 535 pages.