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Learn how to use the Dynamic PE ASAP curriculum from Dr. Robert Pangrazi.

Creating Your Custom Lesson Plans Has Never Been Easier!

This website will quickly guide you through the process of creating a custom lesson plan with hundreds of instructional activities and teaching hints. Each activity has clear objectives, includes a specified equipment list, and adheres to National Standards.

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Step 1: Easily filter and browse based on your specific interests: hundreds of introductory activities, fitness development activities, lesson-focused activities, and closing activities.

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Step 2: Easily drag and drop the four components of a complete lesson plan in the designated fields.

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Step 3: Once you have your four components of a complete lesson plan, save it and name it! Your lesson plans will be stored for you to use throughout the school year.

Print Your Plan and Go

Step 4: Easily print or download your lesson plan, and you are ready to teach! It is that easy!