Archery - 1 Week Unit

This unit has been specifically designed to meet all five components of the SHAPE America National Standards for Physical Education.

1-Week Unit

Introductory Activity


Lesson Focus

Closing Activity


Seat rolls alternated with jogging in place

Continuity Exercises

Brace Bow
Nock Arrow
Extend and Draw
Anchor Hold
Release and After Hold

Partner Bean Bag Challenges


Quarter Eagle

Four Corners

Safety rules
Review Skills
Shoot 1 arrow
Review skills
Shoot 6 arrows at target

Hoop Challenges


Wave Drill

Astronaut Drills

Review aiming
Shoot for points

Potato Relays


Lateral Shuffle

Continuity Exercises

Shoot for points

Addition Tag


Rooster Hop Drill

Circuit Training

Shoot for points Team Shoot for points

Team Paper, Scissors, and Rock

Unit Objectives:

The student will:

1. Eagle demonstrate agility, leg strength, and listening skills participating in the Introductory activities of Seated Rolls, Quarter, Wave Drill, Lateral Shuffle, and the Rooster Hop Drill while following the instructor’s directions.

2. Increase her aerobic fitness, strength, and endurance by participating in Continuity Exercises, Four Corners, Astronaut Drill, and Circuit Training using form demonstrated by the instructor.

3. Demonstrate bracing the bow using form demonstrated by the instructor.

4. Demonstrate Nocking the Arrow, Extend and Draw, and Anchor Hold using form demonstrated by the instructor.

5. Describe the methods of aiming at the target when asked by the instructor.

6. Demonstrate Nocking the Arrow, Extend and Draw, Anchor Hold, and Release and Afterhold in a continuous manner using form demonstrated by the instructor.

7. Participate in Partner Bean Bag Challenges, Hoop Challenges demonstrating throwing and catching skills, eye-hand coordination and cooperation following the rules set by the instructor.

8. Participate in Potato Relays, Addition Tag, and Team Paper, Scissors, and Rock games demonstrating cooperation and running speed following the rules of the games.

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