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Design a Detailed 36-Week Yearly Curriculum!

Yearly planning becomes important after you develop your lessons and decide what you are going to teach. The success of your program will be determined by the quality of your lessons and how you sequence the lessons throughout the year (scope and sequence). DPE ASAP helps makes this easy!

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150+ Curriculum Planning and Activity Videos

Nothing helps a teacher more than visualizing how to teach a specific skill, manage a class of students, or organize a game activity. Nearly 200 videos offer immediate insight into how master teachers use effective strategies to reach outcomes in a positive and productive manner. 

Videos are designed to help you:

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Lessons from the Most Used PE Curriculum!

Built around SHAPE National Standards for Physical Education, this comprehensive curriculum is designed to teach students through activities they enjoy and want to learn. The illustrated, hardcover teacher’s textbooks explain in-depth how to implement a quality elementary or PE program.

Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children textbook delivers comprehensive techniques on skill development, activity promotion, and physical fitness behaviors, designed to broaden the role and preparation of future and existing physical educators.