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The most credible, research-backed source for PE lesson plans, now in a time-saving, adaptable format! We took the most popular, well-known PE curriculum in the world and made it incredibly easy to implement in seconds!

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28 Secondary Units + Over 250 Lesson Plans!

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Create a positive, motivating learning environment through curriculum full of activities, games, teaching strategies, and instructional cues. Comprehensive lessons include everything you need to prepare for a successful lesson, including lists of required equipment, instructional activities, teaching hints, task sheets, and quizzes.

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Lessons from the Most Used PE Curriculum!

Built around SHAPE National Standards for Physical Education, this comprehensive curriculum is designed to teach students through activities they enjoy and want to learn. 

Elementary Curriculum. The 19th edition of the Teacher’s Textbook is the most recent, cutting edge edition of the longest-running elementary methods textbook on the market. Dr. Robert Pangrazi explains how to implement a quality elementary PE program, improve instruction, and evaluate students.

Secondary Curriculum. The updated 9th edition textbook includes suggestions and activities for beginning and experienced teachers. Doctors Timothy Brusseau and Heather Erwin made updates that continue to provide teachers with the foundational knowledge they need to teach quality secondary physical education. 

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What are others saying about Dynamic PE ASAP?

"This site is something every HPE teacher needs."

"Dynamic PE ASAP is a great resource for new to veteran HPE teachers. The site offers lesson plans that can be used in emergency lesson plan situations. My favorite resources are the videos, task cards, and stations cards offered with the lessons. This site is something every HPE teacher needs."

Valeri Cheseldine

Charles County Public Schools

The Dynamic PE ASAP website is by far the best resource or tool available..."

"The Dynamic PE ASAP website is by far the best resource or tool available for elementary and secondary physical education programs. It is a free resource that has lesson plans (four part- Intro., fitness, skill focus & game), sample videos demonstrating on how to do and meets the SHAPE American and State content standards. The scope and sequence is laid out to help any teacher from a college professor to a beginning teacher."

Bill Jones

Director of Physical Education Preschool - 8th grade, University School Shaker Heights, Ohio

"The lesson plans, activities, and resources are all excellent..."

"Your site is extremely organized and so user friendly. The lesson plans, activities, and resources are all excellent for the various grades and cover all the components that make up a quality P.E. program.
The detailed weekly Long Range Plans are well designed and follow a developmental pattern. They can easily be incorporated by any teacher who may not have a P.E. background and may not feel confident teaching P.E. to their class. I would definitely recommend this program/website to anyone who teaches P.E."

Rob O'Grady

Molly Brant Elementary, Kingston, Ontario